Services Provided:

I work with a wide range of emotional issues providing services from therapy for depression and grief to parenting issues, couples counseling and beyond.  In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each of my client’s individual needs to help attain the personal growth that is desired.

Treatment focus includes:

  • Early Attachment Issues & How They Affect Adult Relationships
  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Relationship issues & Couples Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Work and Career Issues
  • Life transitions & Identity Crisis
  • Parenting Support
  • Stress Management
  • Self Esteem Building
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Positive Coping for Individuals & Families dealing with Multiple Sclerosis


I am a trained couples counselor/consultant, and about half of my practice is devoted to working with couples. I welcome all types of relationships and have experience working with married, unmarried, same-sex, and bi-cultural couples.

I have extensive training in relationship therapy. Some of my mentors/training includes:

Sue Johnson – Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

Terry Real – Relational Life Therapy (RLT)

Harville Hendrix – Imago Relationship Therapy

Richard B Stuart – Helping Couples Change

What is EFT?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples, is a highly researched, and evidence-based therapy that focuses on the emotional bond between partners, and presumes that most relational problems arise from a disruption in this bond. It helps partners learn not only to be more open and trusting with each other, but also to reach out for one another and take emotional risks more effectively.


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) is an effective therapy for the treatment of both past and recent trauma. EMDR can help relieve emotional distress, reformulate negative beliefs about self, and can help you to feel more  overall well-being in your life.

I use EMDR to help with:

  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Anxiety & Stress Reduction
  • Depression
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Anger Management
  • Self-Defeating Behavioral Patterns & Beliefs
  • Low Self-Esteem

Youtube video from EMDRIA (EMDR International Organization) about different client experiences with EMDR.